Sunday, May 17, 2009

Columbia Triathlon

3rd times the charm?

This race kicked my ass in 2007.  I got a stupid DNF in 2008.  Am I ever going to conquer this course??

Every single year I'm at this event, it's freezing, at least it seems that way.  This year is no exception.  Deb was with me this year and I was happy for the company.  Bikes racked and thus begins the long wait for our wave start.  This is my third attempt at this race and there were a few things on my mind:
(1) get a finish time.
(2) improve my time from 2007.
(3) don't walk the bike.

Finally we're off and once again it's raining.  Awesome.  Uneventful swim and it's suddenly time for the dreaded bike.  Most of the bike course is a blur.  I've done this course so many times in races and training rides, I knew exactly where all of the hills are and how to prep myself.  There is one hill in particular that I have never successfully ridden.  Unfortunately, that particular spot got the best of me one last time.  BUT... I did finish that bike course and set out on the run.
Look how happy I am coming in off the bike!
 It's a challenging run course also but at least I knew I would finish, hopefully with a better time than before?  This is one of those races that gets lonely for the back of the packers, but I made my way along, saw Deb on her return leg and just kept going.  Finally coming up to the lake and around the path as I could hear the finish line chants... I finished, dropping over half hour off my 2007 race time, WOO HOO!!
Equally as happy to be finishing the run...
Very pleased, I met up with my friends at Heidi's place in Rockville for a BBQ lunch before heading home to pack for my upcoming vacation to Spain.  I still haven't conquered this bike course completely, but 2 out of 3 goals met ain't bad.
could not be happier to have this medal