Thursday, October 17, 2013

Ragnar Relay - Round 3

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Dan had only a short 2 mile run, so we went directly to the next exchange.  Ingrid was running Dan S' next leg and so we got to see Van #2 after missing them at the previous major exchange (thanks, exchange 18) but then had enough time to run to a coffee house before heading out to cheer on Ingrid and get Dan C ready for his 4th and final leg.  I still didn't eat anything since I knew my run was coming up and I still wasn't sure how my body was going to survive another 3+ miles.

Leg 28 - 3.3 Miles - Easy

Yeah, this probably would've been easy had it not started pouring rain again not too long after Dan C started out.  This was another short run for him so I knew it wouldn't be long until I was out on the course.  There's really just not much to say about this run.  Very wet, and up a slight incline but overall not so bad (well, except for that pouring rain part).  I stopped to take a picture of myself at the "one more mile" marker and couldn't believe I was almost done one of the hardest events I've done in my life.

You might not be able to tell but it is literally pouring rain!
Of course that last mile was the worst hill I had yet encountered, up and over a bridge... but then it was down that same incline, around a corner and up one last hill before I handed off the bracelet one last time.  I was D-U-N-Done!
Last few meters!!
Holy crap, I was done.  I decided against changing this time... I was wet, but not too sweaty... so I just wrapped my blanket around me and scarfed down the 2 PB&J sandwiches that Joann made for me -- I was starving by now, how come I didn't eat anything since before my 8 miler the night before?!  Just two exchanges to go as we cheered on Heidi's finish and then Misha who really cranked it out on her last leg.  Before we knew it, van #1 was done.  We said hello to van #2 at the exchange and then headed to our hotel for a quick shower (and beverage) before heading to the finish line.  I couldn't believe it, we were going to finish this thing!
Fastest leg yet, still 2:2 run to walk!
That stupid finish line... we were looking forward to wine tastings and relaxing except the only area with tables was in a 21 and over restricted area... and Paula had the baby, and they counted that... WHA????  Well, we weren't going to leave her alone so we settled for a spot outside the restricted area and had to sneak our drinks.  Knowing Rachael would be coming along also, we squashed our plans of hanging out at the finish line area and started making dinner plans.  Before we knew it, time to go cheer for Rachael and run across the finish line as a team.
Misha, Rachael, Dan C, Heidi, Deb, Cindy, Ingrid, Cori, Jen, Tommy, Nina, Dan S & Joann (not in pic)
11 runners (Heidi, Dan C, Jen, Misha, Cindy, Ingrid, Cori, Nina, Tommy, Rachael), 2 injured runners (Joann and Dan S were super sports for coming along for the ride anyway), and the support of our friends and family (Paula, Jon, Marcello, Vlad)... 197 miles.  Completed.

And don't worry.... we did get our wine tastings :-)


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