Thursday, August 6, 2015

just plugging along

"Your body will argue that there is no justifiable reason to continue. Your only recourse is to call on your spirit, which fortunately functions independently of logic."
- Tim Noakes
To kick start July, I did my longest ride ever.  80 miles!  I'd had enough of all the hills and decided to do this one on my own, starting in Shirlington and riding the W&OD trail all the way out to Purcellville and back.  I also got my first Ironman training injury, around mile 60 of this ride:
This HURT!  It was a long 20 miles back to the car!
The next morning, it poured rain on Paula and me as we did our long run and crossed 3 states -- started in Virginia, ran through Georgetown in DC, and then up the Capital Crescent trail and into Maryland:
The picture does not do justice to how wet we were!
One week later, I did my new longest ride ever, my first century!  100 miles!  And I ended up with my second training injury:
No idea how I hurt myself - it didn't hurt - I had to be told I was bleeding.
Sometimes we did our long runs in the evening after work -- a makeup run after skipping it the previous weekend -- oops.  That might have been a lesson learned based upon how sore I was on Friday at the office.  People stared at me using my stick roller on my calves and ice pack on my ankle all day!  I did this run with Paula, but only took a selfie as I finished a few minutes ahead of her.  I was pleased with this performance, being able to go under 15 min/mi while doing 2 min run + 1 min walk intervals:
Holy blisters!  Luckily none of them hurt, just make my feet look disgusting.
We also ran in very HOT weather!  This was a mid-week run and I opted to skip the team's Power Run that was on the schedule (1 mile run + 10 min boot camp circuit, repeat 3 times) for a shaded trail run with Jessie, Eileen and Henry.  It was still ridiculously hot though:
This was the one time I forgot my Garmin... luckily I had my phone, but it's WEIRD running without my Garmin!
I drove down to Cambridge with my team to ride the Ironman Maryland course.  Of course it was another hot day!  It was supposed to be a 110 mile ride, 2 laps of 45 miles each plus 1 additional 20 mile loop.  I only made it the 2 loops of 45 miles.  One of my teammates, Adele, talked to me and told me I needed to listen to my body, that I seemed dehydrated and done.  I'd wanted to do triple digits though, so I climbed back on and set out for an out-and-back.  About a mile and a half down the road, I realized that my will to be off that bike was greater than my will to do triple digits.  So, 93 miles it was.  I don't regret it:
Love how they label the one hill of the course :-)
And that wraps up July.  Plugging along, plugging along.... I've actually biked over 1100 miles so far this year, by far the most bike mileage I've ever done (In 2014, I was just under 700 miles for the year).
It's hard to believe there's less than 2 months to go.  I'm not sure if that excites me or terrifies me...  one more month of hard work and then taper! 

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