Monday, May 19, 2014

XTERRA Rosaryville Trail 5K

So, I'm sitting at my desk, basically just finished writing the race report for the Kinetic relay and thinking about my busy couple months ahead, already filled with activities, when I get this email in my inbox:

- May is already packed with events.. in fact, I literally *just* finished writing the Kinetic race report, and have a lake swim and a triathlon in the next 2 weeks, not to mention the Rev3 race in June...
 ... I have not been cleared to run yet thanks to my back injury (and quite frankly, my foot still hurts a lot also)
 ... My alarm clock has gone off before 7am each morning of the past weekend, is set the same for Sunday both mornings of the following weekend as well.. this Saturday is the ONE day I could sleep in and have a lazy morning

So naturally, I hit reply and say "Count me in!" -- seriously, I think I have a problem :-)

Thursday I complete my first double workout in awhile {.. pause to celebrate THAT accomplishment!!! ..}, morning swim which was a little OFF, but otherwise no biggie, and then about a half hour on the bike trainer in the evening.  My back felt a little sore on the trainer, so I iced it immediately after as a precaution... didn't work.  I could feel it slowly getting worse and worse as the night went on. 

By Friday morning, I was in serious pain.  It didn't completely lock up on me [yet] as it does after lying on the ground, but it was close.. could not stand or sit stand up straight.  I left work early and decided to go get a massage thinking maybe that would help... nope!  worse.  Jon had to literally come help me get out of the jeep, fed me Vicodin and wine, and put ice on my back.  I was beginning to wonder how I was going to do a 5K the next morning...

I realize that most sane people would have passed on doing a race at this point, but I am stubborn.  When I woke up, my back still hurt, but I was at the point of thinking that maybe a little movement would be good to loosen it up.  I planned on walking the whole thing anyway.  So, I got up, got dressed, made some iced tea and was on my way to Jessie's house.  Let's do this thing!!
Jessie, me and Lizzie... ready to roll!
This race was super small... like seriously we could count the people there on 2 hands!  I knew I was going to walk the entire thing, but of course I tried to run a little (I told you I was stubborn!).  I didn't get 10 feet, the pain was too much.. so fine, walk. 

About half mile in, a girl passed me (wait.. I wasn't last??) and commented that I was walking faster than she was running.  I caught up to her in another half mile and she had decided that walking was just as good and we got to talking.  She was going a bit slower than me, and at first, I found myself getting angry, thinking back to the Mount Desert Island marathon, I can't believe I am letting myself get held back again...

Then reality set in.. I am injured, like *really* injured.  This is just a 5K, not a marathon.  What is wrong with me?!  So Darlene and I walked and talked together for the last 2+ miles of the race, and I must admit it was nice having someone around... she was super nice, doing her first event ever, and I educated her on Deb's and my favorite motto, which she loved (and made her feel better for being so slow):
[dead f'ing last] beats [did not finish] beats [did not start]
We finally came to an opening to see Jessie and Lizzie waiting and cheering, and they hung out with us for the final stretch.  We turned the corner and [against better judgement] ran across the finish line!
Removing the timing chips.. about the moment that Lizze glanced down at her shoes, "Dude!!  You cut my LACES!!!"
All in all, a great morning, amazing weather, beautiful trails and scenery, great company....  Lizzie's first ever trail run and Jessie ended up with 1st place in her age group!!!  Looking forward to more trail runs this summer with these ladies (and hopefully I will be able to run one of these days!).

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